Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now we are less than whores

Thank you feminism, for insisting on abortion. It has taught men to demand sex from us with the threat of moving on if we object. It has taught them to be utterly irresponsible. It has taught our friends, family and boyfriends to pressure us into unwanted abortions. It has filled our lives with disease, depression, and desolation. It has brought on unanticipated attrocities: date rape drugs, partial-birth abortion, infanticide.

It has taught women that the highest compliment is to be sexy. Second to that is young, or at least looking that way. Forget about our minds, our character, our aspirations--just be eye candy! Actresses flaunt their bodies across the silver screen, women dress immodestly, commercials are full of sexual innuendo, to keep the men hot and bothered and wanting only our flesh.

Marriage is tantamount to surrender for a man. They are warned, "Don't do it. You'll get less sex once they have a commitment from you."

Go on a date. The man spends some money on you. Doesn't matter that it's the first date--he wants to be compensated. Yes, now we are less than whores. Even they get a contract.

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