Friday, September 24, 2010

Vanity of Vanities

I decided about a year ago that it was time to read the Bible again from start to finish. I didn't set a goal for when to complete that, but pick away at it a little bit every day. So yesterday I had reached Ecclesiastes, which opens up with "Vanity of vanities." In God's perfect sense of humor, I also bought paint to begin refurbishing the schoolroom, which will now be dubbed "the library".

As I began the process of washing, patching and prepping walls, recollections flooded me of other rooms I have worked as hard on, and now need to be painted all over again. The freshness of a new coat of paint is so fleeting. The last room I painted had a fist-sized hole in the wall before a month had passed. To be trite, painting is an exercise in futility.

And yet I will continue to paint rooms. Ecclesiastes is a reminder that all we do will pass away, and yet we are not supposed to just succumb to hopelessness. Old Testament preaching is a foretaste of New Testament revival. My hope is not here on earth, and thank God, my deepest desires are not for beautiful rooms. I will enjoy the new paint job while it lasts, but not cling to the hope that it will last forever.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Been rambling

Been trucking along with the new school year--only 5 hours of teaching. I need more, but don't particularly want more.

Been reading a lot of WWII history. I'm on my 9th book now and starting to feel a little knowledgeable. Also feeling like I've hardly begun digging through the layers.

Been thinking about what a funny thing friendship is. Comes and goes. Ya never knows.

Been considering a sewing project. Consideration is as far as it's gotten so far, and that ain't bad, considering that an idea is brewing.

Been enjoying having a car to myself. Pat has been too, I'm sure.

Been picking up sticks... and logs... and limbs. Fireplace time coming for sure.

Been eating donuts from Wasem's. Twice. Plan on doing it again. Says a lot for someone who's not crazy about donuts.

Been looking at recipes for cocktails. Might just make one and drink it.

Been rambling along in life for a while now. I feel like I'm a ways down the road. Wish I knew more about where I was going. Wish I had a better road map. Wish I had done a better job of picking a destination.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hearing is Believing

A number of things have happened since my latest ear surgery that are certainly encouraging:

Yesterday I had a short conversation with my husband while I was in the shower with no hearing aids and water running.

I also hurried downstairs yesterday to get to the phone before the answering machine message being left was finished, because I knew the person on the other end of the line was my father. I recognized his voice from all the way upstairs and around the corner.

On Sunday, I opted not to use the hearing devices available at church to hear our deacon's homily. I got along just fine, and was even able to laugh at the jokes because I could hear them.

Curiously, several people have commented that my voice is much clearer now that I've had my surgeries. What does that mean? Could I not even hear myself slurring words?

I'm also wondering if the surgeries will help me break my (bad) habit of talking to myself. I do it everywhere all the time. It started when I realized I was the only person I could understand perfectly. I was my own good company. But now I should stop, because sometimes I feel embarrassed when I realize others hear my mutterings.

My hearing will never be perfect this side of heaven. Background noises can still be problematic. There will still be times when I ask people to repeat themselves--maybe because THEY DIDN'T ENUNCIATE! And I still have to get back in the habit of listening attentively. (You quit trying when it's useless.) But it is clearly evident that the surgeries I had are a huge success. I believe it because I hear you.