Monday, June 1, 2009

What's it to you?

Rain for a gardener is a blessing.
Rain for a beach bum is a bummer.
Rain for a duck is just another day.
Rain for a weatherman is a good call.
Rain for a desert nomad is a miracle.
Rain for a outdoor wedding party is a glitch in the plans.
Rain for a baseball player is waiting, delays, frustration.
Rain for Santa Claus is out of place.
Rain for a picnic is dreary.
Rain for a day on the road is fatiguing.
Rain for a funeral is extra tears.
Rain for Noah is a confirmation.
Rain for a drought is an answer to prayer.
Rain for the heat is relief.
Rain for the thirsty is joy.


John Lynch said...

Rain for John is a free car wash.

Lisa said...

Yay! I'm all for free stuff.