Friday, December 31, 2010

The ABCs of Why I Love Being Catholic

Here's what I came up with quickly. Maybe you have some things you love that I've forgotten or can come up with Y and Z.

A: Absolution, authority, Assumption
B: Blessings, Bishops
C: Cardinals, conclaves, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Communion of Saints, Cathedrals
D: Deacons, Doctors of the Church
E: Eucharist, Easter Vigil, encyclicals
F: Fathers, fasting, feast days
G: Good Friday, genuflecting, guardian angels
H: Holy Days, Heroes of the Faith, history
I: Incense, Immaculate Conception, icons
J: Jesus on the cross (crucifix), John Paul II
K: Kneeling
L: Latin, Liturgy of the Hours
M: martyrs, Mary, mysteries, missions
N: nuns, novenas
O: obedience, obligations
P: popes, purgatory, priests
Q: Queen of Heaven
R: real presence, rosary, RCIA, reverts
S: sacraments, saints, sacrifice, Stations of the Cross
T: teaching magisterium, tradition, Tridium, tabernacle, Theology of the Body
U: universal church
V: vocations, Veneration of the Cross
W: weekday mass, Way of the Cross
X: eXcommunication--a call to repent


marylea said...

Can't come up with anything very creative, but I LOVE your list.

Zeal, Catholic style!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Lea! I went brain-dead by the time I got to the end.

Candace Carr said...

I'm a new blogger. Yours is so beautiful! I love your list and I'll try to think of some more.Let me know what you think of my blog.I'm under TUTOR too.