Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Foiled Again!

The conversation between Jesus and the devil in the desert is most interesting. Satan, unaware of the One God's triune nature, does not realize who he is addressing. His first suggestion to the Son of God is to turn the stones into bread, since Jesus is hungry. Jesus's reply is that man does not live by bread alone, but by the Word of God. He is, in effect, saying to the devil, "Man lives by me--the Word of God made flesh." Later Jesus reveals himself also as the Bread of Life.

The devil, thinking himself clever, then uses the written word to try and entrap the Word. He says, "Throw yourself down from this high place, and God will save you," quoting the sacred writings for Jesus's edification. Jesus, who is God, says, "You should not put God to the test." The devil does not understand that he just asked the Savior to save himself. He also does not grasp that he just put two of the three persons of God to the test.

Finally Satan offers the whole world if Jesus will worship him. The One through which the whole world was created sends the devil packing with, "Only God should be worshiped." The devil, unsuccessful in getting God to worship him, declines the veiled rebuke that the devil should worship the one he is tempting.

It is an incredible conversation of errors. Each time the devil spars with Jesus, he hands Jesus the weapon Jesus needs to foil the devil.

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