Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Feeling like a juggler
Who's just dropped all the balls.
Feeling like a Samson
Who's just knocked down the walls.
Feeling like it's winter
When we just started July.
Feeling rather worn out
And I will tell you why.

When school got out
I thought I'd rest,
But little did I know
That work would get my best.
Things began to happen
Out of my control.
A gap was made--
I had to fill the hole.
So I've painted two rooms,
Picked a ton of weeds,
Refloored four floors,
And many more deeds.
I've made two quilts
And planted shrubs.
I've packed up boxes
And filled planter tubs.
I've moved tons of stuff
And mowed many a lawn
And that is why
My energy's gone.

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