Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Things in Focus

I'm a natural pessimist. If a disaster is possible, I've already imagined it. If I've done something well, I focus on the part I was least satisfied with. If things are going well, I brace for a change in fortune. Who  knows why I am this way? The challenge is change.

This morning I was reflecting on the fact that September is lurking only seven days into the future. School will begin again soon, and I don't feel refreshed and ready to hit the classroom. What did I do with my summer! Where did all the time go?

It would be easy to beat  myself up for spending so much time solving Sudoku puzzles. What a waste of time. However I'm not going to do that. The summer flew by because an extraordinary number of things was happening, and I rose to many challenges. If I had not kicked back and done some Sudokus and spent that time accomplishing things instead, I would be completely exhausted. It's true there is yard work unfinished, and a quilt project languishing on the  ping-pong table. The windows never got washed and my office could still use some more organizing. It's also true that I was frayed and depleted when summer began. It's true that circumstances were stacked against my getting rested as soon as school ended. So the Sudokus were mini-vacations in the midst of a hectic summer.

Sometimes I think that time is our most precious commodity, and that is when I realize I am fooling myself. Time is elusive, running away from us, and we can't hold on to it. Taking some of that precious commodity every morning to read the Bible, reflect on eternity (where time becomes irrelevant) and making daily resolutions to find new ways to love God far outweighs focusing on time itself. Perhaps keeping focused on what is truly important is the most valuable possession we can own.

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