Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Christian Mind

I am currently reading a book that is probably out of print entitled The Christian Mind, by Harry Blamires. He wrote this book in the 1963, and it is amazingly prophetic. Blamires was a protege of C.S. Lewis--so you can imagine his scholarship is vast and diverse. The first part of the book gives convincing evidence that our modern culture has lost its "Christian mind", in the sense that we no longer look at anything with the eternal perspective that our faith should guide us by. The second half of the book deals with characteristics of the Christian mind, from a foundation in the supernatural to our acceptance of authority. What follows is a sample from his erudition:

"It may be that the dominant evil of our time is neither the threat of nuclear warfare nor the mechanization of society, but the disintegration of human thought and experience into separate unrelated compartments. For a feature of the diseased condition of modern society is the parcelling out of human faculties--physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual--into distinct categories, separately exploited, separately catered for. Man is dismembered."

Blamires argues effectively that the price Christians will pay for not cultivating a Christian presence, a Christian mindset in the world, is a new martyrdom, a mental martyrdom. We will be ignored. This book is well worth time invested in reading and studying.

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