Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Music Dementia

I visited my grandma.
I thought it would be fun
But she messed with my cerebrum
And my life has come undone.

It started out so innocent.
She thought it most sublime
To share with me the music
She enjoyed when in her prime.

To me it sounded sappy
But she started in to dance
To the music of her young days
Full of dubious romance.

Now other things she’s shown me
I’ve appreciated in the main,
But this is just disaster.
Lawrence Welk is on my brain!

The next day, sure as shootin’
I hummed some dumb refrain,
And my pals all choked with laughter.
Lawrence Welk was on my brain.

The music never goes away.
Revolving round I find
There’s no way to get rid of
Lawrence Welk tunes on your mind.

Well the next week I went back
And I tell you, sure as shootin’
Lawrence Welk was driven out!
Replaced by ole’ Wayne Newton…

©2008 Lisa Lynch

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