Monday, January 12, 2009

I am not omniscient

Sometimes I forget that the world does not center around an area two inches above my nose and two inches behind my glasses. It is easy to forget that so much more is happening around me, and in the entire universe, than what is in my range of vision or awareness. At this moment some juncos are hunkering down and fluffing up to stay warm outside my window. When I get up and walk away, it will be as if they cease to exist, because they have left my thoughts.

A few days ago a woman contacted me through facebook that I hadn't spoken to since my high school days, now over 35 years ago. She went to college, became a teacher, moved several times around the country, raised a family and is now a grandmother. It amazed me that she lived her life without me knowing about it, thinking about her, or realizing that she was even alive. And then she popped back into my life, and rattled my little world into remembering that I am only one of billions doing the same thing--living my life. All kinds of people I know are going about their business, having bad hair days, getting raises, arguing with their children, going on vacation. And they are probably thinking about me about as much as I am thinking about them... which would not be much!

It is comforting to know that there is someone out there that never stops remembering me, thinking about me, loving me. He cheers me on, lifts me up, and comforts me. He is everything that I am not. Perfect.

I often meditate on the passion of Christ. Someone once said, "When Jesus was on the cross, you were on his mind." If I were the only person in the whole world, he would still have died for me.
We are called to imitate him--to be as much like him as possible. But there is one thing we will never be: omniscient.

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