Saturday, February 7, 2009

Eating Grapefruit

Eating grapefruit is sort of like doing your regular exercise routine. It takes some effort to get ready--I always scoop out all the fruit into a bowl first, and I have to get my gear and go to my local Curves facility. I'm happy and enjoying it once I've started both. I never regret it when I'm done. They are both healthy activities. With one you wipe juice out of your eye, with the other sweat off your brow. Both have a mild "bite" to them that is invigorating. With one you discard the peel, with the other you shed excess body fat. In fact, body fat is the usual reason for both activities! Given all these similarities though, I still prefer eating grapefruit to exercising.

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Eric Lynch said...

I really liked this post mom. Love you!