Saturday, February 21, 2009

Stress Test

When your life's activities are an overflowing sink of dish suds and you pull the plug that sucking whirlpool which drains away the excess ought to feel like relief. Yesterday was like that. Practically killing myself trying to get everything done that "needed" to be done on time before leaving town, I felt like a taut cord approaching the limit for the pull it could handle. Then Jack said, "Why don't you just stay home instead?" It was a possibility. Going with him while he did business had always been an option, not a requirement. Drowning people do reach for lifesavers. So I did. I stayed home. Within minutes after deciding, I felt that drain sucking off the stress. The sadness of missing his companionship followed, but if I had decided the other way, I wonder if he would have wanted my companionship. The sink would still have been full. I had been harried, angry, stressed beyond my limits, and exhausted. No. This was better, and he will come back today to a relaxed and grateful wife.

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