Monday, October 19, 2009

Too Cool for Comfort

I think I can honestly say I like all seasons, but there are reasons why some are less endearing than others. When the first chill of autumn hits, I have this regular epiphany: I don't like being cold. Perhaps that is why I have such a high regard and affection for quilts, fireplaces, and snuggling with another warm body.

Often the first cold days are worse than the deep-freezer frigidity of mid-winter. For one thing you aren't prepared. It is easy to get caught without enough cover, when you haven't had to cover at all for months. Most of us also have a cycle in our weight, and just like bears and chipmunks, it drops in summer and goes up as the temperature goes down. A little extra body fat is not always a bad thing.

Finally the effect of a blast of cold is much different than a blast of heat. Cold makes you want to ball up, to shrivel, to defend yourself. Heat makes you wilt, flail, and lie prone to whatever may hap to come along--hopefully an iced drink with a straw and a fruit garnish. With cold, you feel assailed, so you hunch over for the attack. With heat you feel deserted. All has left you: energy, will, and appetite. With cold you retreat to your den. With heat you escape to the beach and open, airy spaces.

So now the cold is upon us. My fingers are stiff as I type, and goosebumps prickle the skin on my legs. My toes feel frosty and the draft up my back tells me I have to tuck in again. The kettle should be whistling (if I could hear it), and hot drinks have become a bi-hourly respite.

And yet, the sun is shining on golden foliage and the clear brightness of autumn invigorates. A gusty breeze wafts a dazzling shower of leaves in the air, to swirl and twirl and litter the ground with a tawny carpet. Autumn has its joys and beauties. I love thee, autumn, but spring ranks foremost in my heart.


Reenie said...

You are a woman after my own heart!! Spring is my favorite too b/c it is the beginning of 3 seasons I really love :D Fall, though beautiful, has too much foreboding of the dark cold months to follow. And yes!! It's true, the first week of cold is making me feel cold all the time! Argh. Great post :)

Lisa said...

Thanks. Since I wrote it I've consumed one giant cup of coffee, followed later by another giant cup of Earl Gray tea.

Of all the seasons, I do admit, autumn is my least favorite. But of all the months, February wipes everything else out of consideration. If we can ever afford it, I will spend that month somewhere else. Michigan's lake effect has a drabness to it that make mid-winter intolerable. Autumn is lovely until November. Once that month hits I long for snow to brighten the days.

L. H. Lynch said...

Quite to the contrary, Fall is my favorite season. I love getting to put on extra layers of clothes, particularly coats, jackets, scarves, gloves, boots, hats, and tall socks. I usually feel like, no matter how cold it gets, I can always bundle up enough to get warm. When it's hot, however, there is a definite limit to the amount of clothing you can take off. It's harder to escape the heat. Also, I think the heat may sometimes sets off my asthma, but I'm not certain about that.

Other good things I associate with Fall: pumpkins, apples, donuts, apple cider, pie, cinnamon and nutmeg, maple syrup, nuts in general, and cranberry muffins. What's not to love!

Lisa said...

I think this is where we are so different. I can't seem to get enough layers on! But I sympathize about the asthma.

And as far as things go for loving, turkey stuffing! And hot cocoa--which I don't drink much because of the calories, but love when I do.