Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hearing is Believing

A number of things have happened since my latest ear surgery that are certainly encouraging:

Yesterday I had a short conversation with my husband while I was in the shower with no hearing aids and water running.

I also hurried downstairs yesterday to get to the phone before the answering machine message being left was finished, because I knew the person on the other end of the line was my father. I recognized his voice from all the way upstairs and around the corner.

On Sunday, I opted not to use the hearing devices available at church to hear our deacon's homily. I got along just fine, and was even able to laugh at the jokes because I could hear them.

Curiously, several people have commented that my voice is much clearer now that I've had my surgeries. What does that mean? Could I not even hear myself slurring words?

I'm also wondering if the surgeries will help me break my (bad) habit of talking to myself. I do it everywhere all the time. It started when I realized I was the only person I could understand perfectly. I was my own good company. But now I should stop, because sometimes I feel embarrassed when I realize others hear my mutterings.

My hearing will never be perfect this side of heaven. Background noises can still be problematic. There will still be times when I ask people to repeat themselves--maybe because THEY DIDN'T ENUNCIATE! And I still have to get back in the habit of listening attentively. (You quit trying when it's useless.) But it is clearly evident that the surgeries I had are a huge success. I believe it because I hear you.


Reenie said...

Hurray!!!!! This post makes my day! So glad to hear there's a lot of improvement- what a gift! and what? You want ME to enunciate? picky picky. :D

John Lynch said...

Awesome news!

I haven't noticed a change in your speech, but I'm probably not the best observer on this point.

Also, why is talking to yourself a bad habit? What makes it bad?

Eric Lynch said...

Way to go, Mom! So glad to hear it's been such a success.

Lisa said...

John, it's bad because some things are not meant to be overheard...