Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am Not a Number, But I Am Smoking...

The vicious and irritating cycle of misinformation has struck again. The world system has become a vast ensnaring net of mostly insignificant and inaccurate info-bytes that trigger long, drawn-out, exasperating efforts to correct or at least eradicate them. No amount of head-banging or teeth gnashing or wailing will take away the aggravation of trying to sneak past the user name and password you have long forgotten, to get to an actual, helpful and informed human being who can click that one button that saves you your sanity and your wallet about $300 a year. In fact there are no helpful and informed human beings out there--just stupid computers with labyrinthian mazes for you to wander around in like a rat finding the moldy cheese at the end. You'd like to punch the computer, but that wouldn't solve anything and would cost your wallet another $300. And in the meantime you can't for the life of you figure out how your health plan decided that you may possibly not be tobacco-free after all, even though you did give them half an hour of your lifetime filling out their evaluation, including the tobacco questions. Yet there it is. I have to give them at least another half hour (or more) of time I'd rather spend doing anything else, even being sick with the flu, than trying to straighten out their mistake. Almost makes me want to start smoking!

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