Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Foggy morning, foggy mind,
Shorter days, less light to find.
Cold months ahead with no respite.
Leaden soul, leaden sight.

Grayness rules the heavy sky
Weighing down the will to try,
The will to laugh, the will to fly,
The will to look and wonder why.

Chilly damp, chilly mood,
Dreary light is dreary food
To enervate a listless fool
Who must strive 'gainst dead self-rule.

Shake out the sodden cloak of gloom.
Break out from clammy, lifeless tomb.
Wring out the heartless, hopeless doom.
Sweep out sighs with a laughing broom.

Kindle a flame in the fireplace.
Kindle a smile upon your face.
Kindle a joy you can't out pace.
Kindle a hope you can't erase.

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