Saturday, February 2, 2013

Half Done

You need to take a shower but the water is not warm and you know it is not going to get any warmer, but only colder by the moment.

You have to dash outside for something but it's cold and raining and the wind is blowing and you don't have an umbrella or a hat.

The clock says it's time to get up, but the bed is warm and the room is cold, and you begin figuring how long you can delay before throwing back the covers to begin a day that will be non-stop until late evening.

You haven't been in a while and the phone number is in front of you, but still you think about that dentist chair and those whining tools coming near your person.

The job needs to get done and there's nothing you enjoy about it, but there's only you to do it and few reasons not to begin.

We see what all these things have in common. That nagging voice in your head that says, "Just do it. Get it over with." Still we hesitate.

Old adages are old because they've been around for a while. But they are old adages because they are bits of wisdom that stay true in all times and seasons and circumstances. They are enduring. I don't know if "Just do it" will make it to the "old adage" status--it's still a new kid that needs growing up. But it has an older sister that has been around. She speaks to me often when I'm faced with things like the above. So I listen to her, take a deep breath, and plunge in, because it really is true: "Once begun, half done."

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