Friday, March 13, 2009

The Ideas We'll Never Use

Sometimes moments of inspiration hit and I can hardly contain the excitement and thrill of exploiting the idea that is racing through my creative veins. Sometimes they come so hard and fast that an agonizing desperation rolls over me as I realize most of them will never come to fruition--there just isn't enough time in my life to make them all happen. Quilting ideas, writing ideas, home decorating plans, gardening schemes, how to save the world brainstorms--they all pile up in my head or occasionally in written notes, waiting to bloom in a winter of busyness and higher priorities. Seeing them stagnating, gathering cob webs and dust, and losing creative momentum by the nano-second is hard, and eventually they are entombed in that bottomless file drawer called, "The Ideas I'll Never Use". But they also inspire gratitude. Think of the opposite conundrum. No ideas ever. A desert of wasteland, sere, dead, not even existent. Give me a full file drawer of never-to-be-used-ideas any time over an empty, unimaginative brain.

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John Lynch said...

This happens all the time to me with respect to programming. There are 1,000,000,001 interesting things to explore in software and I have time for almost none of them.