Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Falling in Lust

It seems that Hollywood knows nothing about love and everything about lust. It is standard fare for two attractive people to just look at one another and then fall in bed together. It's getting kind of boring to watch these lies over and over again, passed off as something "real" and "forever" and what permanent relationships are based on. You can see it coming a mile off and it's only a matter of patience before the tongues come out and they start sucking on each other's faces like Thanksgiving is eleven months off and that's the only day they get real food. I see these "heroes" doing dubiously noble things and then go from chick to chick just like a mongrel who knows no better and is just following hormones. People make love and then the first little disagreement is a huge crisis and they are tragically disappointed that maybe their love isn't the real thing after all. It never was anything more than lust. Yet they all seem so concerned about knowing who the other person has been with, and will they do it again? Of course, because they have no character, no real heroism, not even a notion of what love is. And the next time lust strikes, they are as helpless as a plucked chicken and as spineless as an octopus.

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