Monday, March 23, 2009

Locked Out

Have you ever been locked out of your own house, unable to enter? Maybe it's not your fault either. The key broke off in the lock or won't turn no matter what you do. You want to bash on the door or break a window, but then you would be destroying your own property. It's frustrating, an interruption to an otherwise productive day, and undermines your confidence in things like locks and home security. Or you realize that home security just doesn't even exist.

Computer passwords are like that, too. I'm locked out of one of my own sites, using the correct user name and password. The computer gives me directions on how to get around that, and I think, what if it's not me trying to get in? Brick walls are built to keep people out. That's why people imply they are brought to a complete standstill when they run into one. So you climb over. I guess that's what the directions the computer are giving me are for.

Sometimes the opposite happens. You go to your site prepared to type in the password and the door is already open! Who's there, you wonder? Who's been looking at my stuff? Did I somehow leave the door open myself?

It reminds me to hold loosely in my hand things I call my own.

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