Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life is Fragile

Yesterday I witnessed my best friend tumbling headfirst down concrete steps and found her out cold when she stopped. The number of thoughts that can race through your mind in an emergency is truly astounding, and somehow, if you keep your head, you can deal with the most urgent needs in the midst of crisis. 911 was summoned, family members were notified, ambulance staff questions were answered, and excited dogs were removed from the premises.

Fortunately for my friend, she didn't break any bones, but has a concussion, stitches, lots of bruises and is very sore. She is blessed to be so lucky. I know someone who fell on his head and died. I have hit concrete three times that I know of--twice on my head and needing stitches, once on my arm, which broke.

Our bodies are a miracle of engineering. Skin never ceases to amaze me at how it protects our insides, endures all kinds of abuse, and yet still heals itself quickly and often without leaving a trace of the injury. Even so, one false step can put all that miraculous organic machinery in jeopardy. Toughness and fragility in one astounding package.


Kate said...

I am so glad you were there!!! That must have been frightening but I am glad someone was there to witness it and see to all the necessities.

Lisa said...

Me, too.