Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Steps Forward

Life is a dance. Two steps forward, one step sideways, one step backwards, two steps forward. I don't know what that dance might be--perhaps the foxtrot. In any case, we rarely just go straight ahead, and who would want to. Life is more interesting with some twists and turns--even some that are unexpected and initially unwelcome. Almost anything we undertake is like this.

I'm in the midst of lesson planning. I picked some materials that I thought would be useful. Then I found some other stuff that was even better so I changed the plan.

I'm trying to pay off our mortgage. But other priorities have tapped into my earnings. They were all things that needed doing. The mortgage has gone down, just not as fast as I had envisioned.

I broke my arm. Then I sprained my thumb on the same arm. Now I have poison ivy on the sprained thumb/broken arm limb. The thumb problem and the rash have made doing therapy difficult, and some parts of it impossible, but my arm works again.

My hearing declined. I got surgery--then my hearing was worse until the swelling went down. Now little gifts of sound are returning. This morning I heard some birds chirping--not mourning doves, the only bird I'd heard up till now. I also heard the microwave beep from across the room.

We can be dismayed at the backward steps. I like to think that when we step back it is a preparation for a leap forward. Kind of like pulling back the bow string before releasing the arrow.

Life is a dance. You can't waltz unless you step both forward, backward and to the side. Start the music. I can hear it now!

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