Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

I've gotten some encouragement to not be so depressing in my blogs. Sorry about that, fan... (Temptation to insert smiley face averted.)

There is a lot to be happy about, laugh about, rejoice over, and we must not lose our focus when storms are brewing. I believe with all my heart that a perfect one is on the way. The three things we have which will carry us through, faith, hope and love, cannot be stolen from us. But we can surrender them. That should not be depressing, but perhaps sobering.

I got an opportunity this morning to speak some words of encouragement and truth to an acquaintance. It was a breakthrough moment. I was able to overcome my natural shyness to reach out; a bond was formed. It hardly matters what I said to her. What she heard was probably something like, "You are loveable, you are good, you are valuable," though the words were couched in anecdotes, experiences, and scripture. Five minutes of sharing heart to heart was all it was. Truth penetrates deeply. It pierces our hearts with exquisite love, intrepid courage, and undaunted hope. So, though there may be difficult times ahead, don't worry. Be happy. Truth will carry you through as long as you keep a firm grip on it.


John Lynch said...

Yay for optimism!

Blog posts should, ultimately, be honest. One should not want to read a blog where the poster deliberately masks his or her true feelings. Nonetheless, a blog where posts tend to be depressing is a blog written by someone who tends to be depressed. The reason one would want the posts to be less depressing is that it means that the poster is less depressed. And that's always a good thing.

Lisa said...

John, you are so right. But when you are depressed you don't need to bring everyone down with you, so it is important at times to focus on things that lift your spirit. The blog for me is getting a chance to say what is on my mind. When I look at the world picture, I quail. When I look at the eternal picture, I soar. I am afraid that my optimism is not of this world... I can't and won't fake happier feelings than I have, but I also don't need to let them dominate this venue.