Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Zone

Standing in front of a group of kids with a lesson plan in front of me and eager faces looking my way stirs up a thrill and zeal like nothing else. When I'm teaching, I'm "in the zone"--doing what I love best. New ideas come to me while I'm in the middle of it. "Okay, class repeat after me: Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species. Great. Now in your deepest voice: kingdom... now in a squeaky voice: kingdom... Now whisper it: kingdom..." They have it memorized in no time, have had fun, and are eager to take on the next thing. When I teach, I'm doing what I know I have been created for, and because of that it glorifies God. Maybe that is why I am so happy when I teach...

So why am I procrastinating doing lesson planning?

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