Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Half-time

During football season, half-time is that breather where you get things done. You suddenly wake up from the mesmerizing effect of staring at the television screen and realize, "Ah, now I have a chance to get something done. Quick." You rush off with a purpose in mind, and voila!, you actually accomplish something. Then the game begins again.

Sometimes it seems that we live our lives this way. About half-way through, we realize we have just a few moment/days/years/whatever to accomplish something. We rush around and then life kicks in again. We go with the flow until the game-over sign flashes, and we wonder why we went back to the set at all.


rklllama said...

So did you get anything done or did you just write a blog post?

Lisa said...

Isn't that getting something done?