Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surviving January (or "Don't Believe Everything You Read")

Getting through January in Michigan has definite challenges, especially if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Depression. Here are some tips to survival:

1. Walk the dog every day. I take Jack with me. If he's not available I take the other Jack (Daniels)...
2. Sit in front of your happy light for a half hour. You could also convince yourself that sitting in front of the lit up computer screen playing Spider Solitaire has the same effect, but it takes at least four hours of play time.
3. Call up a friend and talk. I can't hear on the phone, so I talk to myself. I'm very interesting most of the time, and my enunciation is perfect.
4. Drink lots of hot drinks. If that doesn't help, add brandy.
5. Do a creative project. Playing four hours of Spider Solitaire at a time counts. So does Zelda.
6. Listen to some favorite music. I can't hear music anymore either. It's because that person that is always talking to me drowns it out. But her enunciation is perfect.
7. Get regular exercise. Going up and down the stairs to get a hot drink every hour when you're playing Spider Solitaire for four hours at a stretch counts, but only if there's brandy in it.
8. Make a fire in the fireplace. Don't try this after the fourth hot drink...
9. Watch a favorite movie, with captions, to drown out the person with perfect enunciation.
10. Offer that person with perfect enunciation a hot drink. That might shut her up.

Hope these tips help. Can't guarantee that the PWPE will shut up, but you could always pretend to be listening while playing Spider Solitaire, and you won't mind it so much after four hours.


rklllama said...

I liked this post a lot. Zelda for the win!

L. H. Lynch said...

hahahaha, ditto Bob.

Reenie said...

I like this post a lot because I was trying to figure out what I need to do to battle this particular round of SAD... and now I know. Jack Daniels. Walking the dog. Hot drinks. Happy lamp. Okay. Maybe I'll make my own happy list.

John Lynch said...

Great post!