Thursday, January 7, 2010

Procrastination, Inspiration and Perspiration

Sometimes you just can't make something happen until it's ready to happen. It would be easy to say that true procrastination is this. That would be laziness. I'm willing to suggest that sometimes it is not procrastination, but a prolonged pondering of what to do. Those of you who have read The War of Art will probably get all over my case about this. Sorry. I have just experienced sometimes that I can put off and put off because I'm stumped. Then finally the idea comes, the inspiration. At last I'm ready for the perspiration in getting it all together.


John Lynch said...

This happens to me a lot while programming. Sometimes you have to step back and think for a really long time. It looks like you aren't doing anything, and it feels like you aren't doing anything, but it's better than plowing ahead with a uninspired or ill-conceived idea.

Lisa said...

Thanks, John. I needed that affirmation. I have joked in the past that when I am playing Spider Solitaire that my subconscious is still pondering the problem. I can half seriously convince myself this is true.