Saturday, March 27, 2010

Door to Door, Face to Face

I just did my first installment of door-to-door collecting of signatures to get Jack on the ballot. Several things tend to run through my mind while I'm doing this.

1. I will never shut the door in the face of anyone who comes to it without hearing what they are there for. Doesn't matter if I don't like their cause, their religion or their product. Door-to-door takes energy, time and some guts. I respect that.
2. Politeness isn't hard. Rudeness doesn't help any situation.
3. I wonder what is going on when people won't even come to the door and you can see them through the window. Goes back to point 1.
4. The democracy we enjoy is a precious gift. If enough of us ignore the processes that keep it alive, it will die.
5. Some people tend to assume all politicians are corrupt. Why does it seem like they are also the ones who are most apathetic about changing that? If you don't like slimy, stinky messes, you have to clean them up. If politics was an essential organic resident in our living rooms, you can bet it would be washed, deodorized, and dusted off. Broken parts would be thrown out, replaced or repaired.
6. I will never posted a NO SOLICITATION sign on my door. Goes back to point 1.
7. Lots and lots of people have dogs.
8. Lots and lots of people have dog decorations on their houses.
9. I hope that Republicans are not as rude to Democrats as my experiences as a Republican exposes me to rude Democrats. Goes back to point 2.
10. On a sunny day that is reasonably warm, going door-to-door is not a bad way to get exercise.


L. H. Lynch said...

Does this mean you will be getting rid of the answering machine and start listening to telephone solicitors more? If you plan to apply these rules to those who come to your door, I don't see how you can not apply them to those who come to your phone.

I won't deny that going door-to-door is tough, disheartening, and gutsy work. But personally, if I did not ask you to come to me, I don't feel obliged to open my door to you. (Once I do, however, I do promise to be polite.)

Lisa said...

No, I am not changing the phone policy, because the intruder there is anonymous. Door to door is face to face. People who make phone calls expect answering machines.

Many people will come to us that we did not invite. Perhaps being isolated where we are, we are not bothered as much by people at our door. There are many things we are not obligated to do, but charity should moves us to do it anyway. Answering the door is my line. You draw yours where you will.