Thursday, July 29, 2010


Like heavy pondering clouds
Building up to bruising storm
Fearful, anxious, careworn thought
Mounts up in thunderous form.

Whipping winds swirl round and spike
Intending certain damage
Flattening opposition
In its red, blinded rampage.

Raindrops swell and coalesce--
Liquid bullets bombarding--
Splattering the sere landscape
No excusing, no pardoning.

Flashing anger like a bolt
Heeds not where it may strike
But wields the daunting weapon--
A razor-tipped weighty pike.

At last the full flung release
A shower of words pouring
Drenching the receptive earth.
Is it cleansing and restoring?

Exhausted, spent, weaponless,
Dissipated clouds retreat
The reckless wind slacks off in rage.
Who is left upon their feet?

The heated storm has passed by,
The earth absorbed the shock.
Did kindness in the end prevail
Or only expose the rock?

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