Friday, July 9, 2010

Thoughts about Odd Names

A starfish isn't quite a fish.
To call it so--confusing
But people do persist with it.
I find it quite amusing.

Sea cucumber is not a fruit--
It isn't even a plant!
But this guy has that certain shape
Long and plump, that much, I'll grant.

You can't buy with a sand dollar
Although it be round and gold.
You will get bounced from any store--
"Don't come back" is what you're told.

Feather star is not a duster
And it never touched a bird.
You wouldn't sneeze if it stroked you.
Its name is quite absurd.

Who named all these echinoderms?
They need to get some glasses!
Or these critters will get misplaced--
Put in incorrect classes.

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