Saturday, September 19, 2009


As I thought about getting charcoal started for dinner tonight, which I must do as soon as I'm done here, the meaning of the expression "to be grilled" came to mind. I'm talking about: "I was grilled by my parents about why I came in late." OK. So we're talking about being laid out on a rack to cook over red hot live coals. St. Lawrence would appreciate this. I'm just stumbling over comparing being questioned to the vision of human meat done to a turn. We use it so casually, but it is rather an extreme expression. Our language is full of grisly comparisons. We butcher the English language. We slaughter our rivals on the athletic field. In fact we annihilate them. It is so much more dramatic than just saying we played exceedingly well today, so much so that we hardly noticed anyone else was out on the field opposing us. Blah.

Now that I have that off my chest, I need to get ready to take portions of the dead carcass of some poor beast and lay them out over red hot coals. We will annihilate what remains of said flesh after I'm done grilling it.

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