Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My daughter is a lover of tea--and can probably take credit for the term "teaness". She seems to be the only one that uses it, but I have never heard it defined--a definite liability if it is going to catch on. So I am going to provide my own reflections on teaness.

teaness: 1. a condition or circumstances conducive to drinking tea, preferably chai. For example: The pressures of teaness became so intense, that Laura put the teapot on to boil. 2. behaviors associated with tea drinking. For example: Her elegant teaness was the main attraction of her salon. 3. the ambiance of restful, quiet repose associated with drinking tea. For example: Blissful teaness descended upon the room as the fragrant fumes of steeping chai pervaded the stale, tired atmosphere.

I appreciate the teaness of a quiet afternoon. The wafting perfume of flowery herbals particularly appeals to my need for solitude and reflection. Teaness, peace, and profound thoughts make wonderful fellowship. But when I want to get something done, I drink coffee.

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L. H. Lynch said...

I think definition 3 comes closest.