Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truth About Truth

It isn't relative. It either is or isn't so. Pity people who don't get that. They are adrift in a lonely sea aboard a boat made of lead. They defy the meaning of truth when they individualize it. They have no anchor to hold on to. They are at the mercy of storms and raging waves, because they have no safe harbor. They may curse the waves and resist the wind, but with nothing solid beneath them, it is futile.

Truth is someone, not something abstract.

He is my biggest comfort.


John Lynch said...

The tricky question, of course, is not whether or not truth is relative, but the degree of certainty with which we can know that any on proposition is true. It is possible to believe it absolute truth and not believe that one can know absolutely what that truth is.

Lisa said...

Good point.